Afghan Vet Reunited With Dog

“Sergeant Kevin Urquidez, found out he was going to Afghanistan just four months after he adopted his dog Hector from a shelter. They were reunited in Decorah, Iowa.”

Thank-you for your service and congrats on being reunited with your dog. :)=^..^=

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Using Tea Party As Easy Scapgoat

When it comes to finding an easy scapegoat or scapegoats to blame for the reason why USA House of Representative Gabbriele Giffords was shot one year ago, instead of accepting the real reason why Rep. Giffords, (D/AZ) was shot, once again easy scapegoating became the rule of thumb for Rep. Debbie Wasserman when she puts the blame in the wrong direction at the tea party movement. Instead of pointing the responsible finger at the man who did the shooting, once again the tea party movement is treated as the perp. Please Rep. Wasserman, it is way past time that you do this, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and refrain from using a movement that calls for responsible governing in government life on the federal, state, local levels as your scapegoat.

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Videos From Last Night’s Recap Of New Hampshire Primary, Mitt Romney Wins

“Gov. Mitt Romney was quickly declared the winner in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. In his victory speech, he said President Obama has run out of ideas and excuses.”

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“Jan. 11 – According to the January 2012 Reuters/Ipsos poll, 30 percent of Republican voters would vote for Mitt Romney, up from only 18 percent in December.”

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