Today I thought I had come to a liberal anti-conservatives/GOP/Republican website when to my great surprised, it turned out to be the Drudge Report website and what I thought was a dedicated attack on GOP Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich from those who are in the GOP camp.

This comes as NO SURPRISE AT ALL. Since Mr. Gingrich’s recent rise in GOP/Republican primary voters support, the GOP “elites” have all of a sudden have gone into panic attack mode, seeing that the candidate they support, Mitt Romney is not getting any support from the primary voters. Even much more so, since Mr. Gingrich had won in South Carolina last weekend, the attacks have started to get even worse. A sure sign that the everyday Joe and Mary primary voters are saying to the GOP leadership that once and for all, stop shoving your choice of GOP frontrunner candidates down our throats please, that those who are in not only in leadership but also those who call themselves pundits are now having gone into political attack mode against Mr. Gingrich in order to try to derail his campaign.

It makes me wonder, why all the fear of Newt Gingrich and of his rise in GOP primary voters support?

I sense that it is because for once, just for once, the GOP grassroots could very well be saying, not just a demand to have no more RINOS as GOP Presidential frontrunners shoved down their throats, but also that for once, NOT TO WASTE THIS IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY to elect via primaries and caucuses a man who can express best not only what is frustrating these same primary and caucus voters, but also both the principles and ideas for resolving what is needs to be done for a nation that is struggling.

Now is NOT THE TIME for either those in positions of leadership in the GOP but also those who are pundits to be on the attack against Mr. Gingrich, rather it is time to take a stand on what has to be job #1, defeating President Barack Hussein Obama this coming November.

"GOP Pundits"
Are They Trying To Derail Newt Gingrich's campaign?

2 thoughts on “Newtbashingpoluzia

  1. Perhaps it is that their number one priority is not defeating the current president but to ‘appear’ to make such an effort. Their priority is the ‘new world order’, we are just pawns in the scheme of things. Our votes are now worth nothing, we only ‘believe’ our votes have some worth. What we have to accept, see clearly as reality, is American ‘has’ been taken over, we just closed our eyes as they filed by in through the back door; allowed our freedoms, liberties taken away, but pretended it never happened; now it is beginning to hurt, the majority is feeling the pressure. For us that have seen it coming, saw it all happen before our eyes but with our hands tied to the majority, unable to rally forces, we just sit in horror over how true Benjamin Franklin words were when asked, what have you created? His answer: a Republic if you can keep it. Mr. Franklin I believe we could not keep it, we are trying to regain it but only history to tell of our success or defeat.

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