Sweep, Sweeps, Adele Wins BIG With 6 Grammys

Sweep, Sweeps, Adele Wins BIG With 6 Grammys

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Official 52nd Grammy Awards Poster Art
Official 52nd Grammy Awards Poster Art (Photo credit: william couch)

The big winner last night in the Grammys was British-born singer Adele, whom I have come to both admire and enjoy won in a sweep of 6 Grammys last night.

“LOS ANGELES (AP) – Adele, who captured the world’s heart with an album about a broken romance, emerged as the top winner at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, winning six trophies including the prestigious trifecta of record, song and album of the year.

The singer, who also made a triumphant comeback from vocal cord surgery on the Grammy stage, sobbed as she won the night’s final award, album of the year, for “21.” It was last year’s top-selling album with more than six million copies sold and remains lodged at the No. 1 spot on this year’s charts.

Her victories tied her with Beyoncé as the most wins by a woman in one evening.

“Mom, gold is good!” Adele shouted as she took the album of the year trophy.

The celebration of Adele, a big-voiced, soulful singer, came on a night where the Grammys marked the loss of one of music’s great female voices – and one of its most prized talents overall. Whitney Houston died the night before the Grammys, casting a shadow over music’s biggest night.

But while her death lent a somber overtone to the evening’s show, it did not overwhelm it, perhaps best proved by the show’s closing number, a rollicking jam session featuring Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Dave Grohl among others.

The night’s other big winners were Grohl’s Foo Fighters, who won five Grammys. They noted that they made their album “Wasting Light” in a garage.”

Once again, congrats to both Adele and all the Grammys 2012 winners. :)=^..^=

With MANY THANKS To Both Neskesa Mumbi Moody And My Way News. Read More Here:“Adele Top Winner With 6 Grammys”

With MANY THANKS To Both fistfullofglitter And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Special video presentation from a concert of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep. “


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