Lent 2012 Focus On Prayer

“Father John Paul Erickson talks about prayer during Lent. Join The Catholic Spirit in observing Lent with daily reflections in your inbox.”

“Father John Paul Erickson”

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Long Story Short: Pope Benedict XVI On Twitter

An ancient Christian faith and its head meets the 21st century and a media social website called Twitter.

CBS This Morning” co-hosts Erica Hill and Gayle King report on some of the hot stories working their way around the web.”

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Journalists Facing Increased Danger In War Zones

There was a time when journalists were pretty much were protected in war zones. That is now LONG GONE.

“Two more journalists have been killed in Syria, one of them the acclaimed American reporter Marie Colvin. CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan speaks to “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose about the dangers facing journalists in war zones.”

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Bitter Debate

“MESA, Ariz. (AP) – A bitter and often personal debate behind them, Republicans Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are shoring up their campaigns in different ways ahead of a series of crucial presidential primaries.

Romney is paying the most attention to Michigan, his birthplace and the site of an unexpectedly tight race with Santorum, by attending a tea party rally Thursday night in an effort to get more conservative support. He has campaigned confidently in Arizona, so much so that he has not aired any television ads in the state.

Santorum, meanwhile, is focusing for the moment on raising money for his cash-strapped operation. He is hoping for an upset in Michigan, which would cap a rebound that began two weeks ago when he won caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and a nonbinding primary in Missouri.”

A very, very bitter personal attacks-loaded GOP/Republican 2012 Presidential debate indeed.

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Is Rick Santorum Starting To Hit Back?

Is this a sure sign that GOP/Republican 2012 United States of America Presidential canidiate Rick Santorum is starting to hit back at GOP/Republican 2012 United States of Ameica Presidential canidiate Mitt Romney? There is a sense that Mr. Santorum, having seen what has happened to other GOP/Republican Presidential canidiates in the last couple of months either having ran out of money or having personal attacks made against them ending up taking down those canidiates. It is such efforts that must have been not only an eye-opener for Mr. Santorum, but also it has made United States of America politics not only much more dirty but creating a sense of cynicism among Americans.
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