Bitter Debate

Bitter Debate

“MESA, Ariz. (AP) – A bitter and often personal debate behind them, Republicans Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are shoring up their campaigns in different ways ahead of a series of crucial presidential primaries.

Romney is paying the most attention to Michigan, his birthplace and the site of an unexpectedly tight race with Santorum, by attending a tea party rally Thursday night in an effort to get more conservative support. He has campaigned confidently in Arizona, so much so that he has not aired any television ads in the state.

Santorum, meanwhile, is focusing for the moment on raising money for his cash-strapped operation. He is hoping for an upset in Michigan, which would cap a rebound that began two weeks ago when he won caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and a nonbinding primary in Missouri.”

A very, very bitter personal attacks-loaded GOP/Republican 2012 Presidential debate indeed.

With MANY THANKS To Beth Fouhy,Kasie Hunt, And MyWayAPNews Website. Read More Here:“After Bitter Debate, Romney And Santorum Eye MI”

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