Pentagon: Some 9-11-01 Remains Went To Landfill

“A new Pentagon report reveals that partial remains of some 9-11 victims were sent to a landfill after they could not be identified. The victims were among those killed at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pa. (Feb. 28)”

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Man Arrested For Hoarding Hundreds Of Cats

“A Madison county, Fla. man is behind bars and his hundreds of cats are going behind bars too. They’re being seized from his property know as Caboodle Ranch. WCTV-TV‘s Jacquie Slater reports.”

A very bad form of animal cruelity.

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Three Dead From High School Shooting In Ohio Suburb

Yesterday in Chardon, Ohio, USA experienced a violent shooting incident in its high school which left three dead. The shooter, T.J. Lane, was arrested.

“CHARDON, Ohio — It appears that T.J. Lane had violence in his life from the beginning.

Geauga County court records show the father of the teen who authorities say shot five students at Chardon High School on Monday had been arrested many times for violent crimes against women in his life, including Lane’s mother. More than once, police or courts warned him to stay away from the boy and his mother.

Authorities said the teen walked into the high school cafeteria early Monday morning, took out a gun and aimed it at several boys. In the end, three students were seriously wounded and one was killed. A fifth student died early Tuesday. T.J. Lane is to appear in Geauga County Juvenile Court Tuesday.”

A major crime incident like this is truly a sad sign of the times we are living in.

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Matt Kenseth Wins Daytona 500 Again

Despite the Daytona 500 was to have begun on this past Sunday, postponed because of rain to Monday, and ending on very early Tuesday morning because of a two hour delay because of a car crashing which also created a fire in turn, for the second time Matt Kenseth wins it.

“Matt Kenseth overcame a rain delay of more than 24 hours and a two hour red flag period to win the Daytona 500 for the second time. (Feb. 28)”

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Matt Kenseth

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