Highlights From Hartford Tea Party Rally

Highlights From Hartford Tea Party Rally

Even though I could not attend this year’s tea party for medical reasons, I am posting the highlights from Monday’s 3rd anniversary of the start of the Tea Party Movement in Hartford, CT, USA.

“February 27, 2012 marked the 3rd anniversary of the modern Tea Party Movement ignited by Rick Santelli on Feb. 19, 2009. About 100 conservative activists rallied on the Connecticut Supreme Court front steps to celebrate.”

With MANY THANKS To Both PALINSMITH And YouTube. Watch Videos Here:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpbwAN8Qzq8]

“A couple other voices adding to the “open mic” experience at the 3rd anniversary rally of the first Hartford Tea Party.”

“A couple of US Senate candidates speak at the Hartford Tea Party 3rd anniversary rally.”

“Faith the Bellringer has been a prominent figure in the Connecticut Tea Party from day one. Her message of geting politically involved is one we should all listen to and follow.”

“Tom from Preston, CT shares a couple of stories and urges eyeryone to become politically active. Educate, motivate and activate.”

“Ziggy from Waterbury, CT was waving the flag long before the Tea Party Movement emerged in 2009. He was a lone voice calling in the wilderness of political illiteracy. Ziggy staunchly defends America’s troops wherever he goes.”

“CNBC commentator, Rick Santelli, fired the rant heard round the country on February 19, 2009. Eight days later rallies erupted all over America. Hartford’s first rally attracted about 125 people. Most of the Hartford attendees on that 2009 Friday had never been active in politics. Things changed.”

“Connecticut’s Tea Party Patriots co-coordinators, Ron Wilcox and Jen Ezzell, are inspirations for grass roots conservatives all across the Nutmeg State.

Being apolitical or apathetic in these perilous times is inexcusable. The Tea Party offers a safe harbor for people who dislike any political party.”

Martha Dean is never afraid of controversy, especially when it’s common sense that’s controversial. Dean spoke to a crowd of Tea Party Patriots on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court to help celibrate the beginning of the Movement’s 4th year.”

“A history of freedom in Connecticut.”

“Speaking at the 3rd anniversary rally of the Hartford Tea Party, The Family Institute’s Peter Wolfgang described the government’s attack on the First Amendment. Wolfgang directed everyone to contact CT Senator, Joe Lieberman, to urge him to vote for the Blunt Amendment.”

Website And URL:

“Family Institute Of Connecticut”

“Setting The Record Straight On The Blunt Amendment”

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