Looks Like Obamacare Is In TROUBLE

Looks Like Obamacare Is In TROUBLE

Looks like Obamacare is in very deep trouble.

“The man often known as the Supreme Court’s swing justice posed tough questions about the scope of the controversial health care overhaul Tuesday, suggesting he might have doubts about its validity.

Justice Anthony Kennedy did not tip his hand as to how he might ultimately vote in the case — a ruling is not expected until summer.

But on the most important day of hearings for the landmark case, the entirety of the bench was thoroughly engaged for a two-hour debate over the constitutional merits of President Obama’s health care law. Based on the tenor of Tuesday’s arguments, the justices appear to be closely divided and the case may ultimately come down to the views of Kennedy.”

In other words, look for United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to be a very big swing voting factor in the next few months. 

With MANY THANKS To Both Lee Ross And FoxNews. Read More Here:“Swing Justice Poses Tough Questions On ObamaCare At Supreme Court Hearing”

“The packed hearing room of the Supreme Court was a who’s who of lawyers and political leaders this morning, all of whom witnessed what was an undeniably bad day for the Obama Administration and its defense of the President’s health care law. Paul Clement and Michael Carvin, attorneys representing those challenging Obamacare, battled Solicitor General Donald Verrelli, who was defending the law, and urged the Supreme Court to find the individual mandate in ObamaCare unconstitutional.

The Heritage Foundation‘s Todd Gaziano was at today’s hearing (as he was the day before) and was able to summarize what happened and what we can expect.

We will post a new video each day after the conclusion of arguments to share what happened that day in the Court.”

With MANY THANKS To Both The HeritageFoundation And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“Conservative justices on Tuesday sharply questioned whether the government can force Americans to carry health insurance, wondering if Congress might next force people to buy broccoli. (March 27)”

With MANY THANKS To Both AP And YouTube. Watch Video Here:



Panorama of the west facade of at dusk in Wash...
Panorama of the west facade of at dusk in Washington, D.C., USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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