“He’s Alive!”

“He’s Alive!”

Today, Christians around the world are taking the time to honor the day in which, Jesus Christ, three days after suffering and dying on the cross on a hill called Calvary, on the very same third day, rises from the dead. Jesus, savior of all, wins the great victory over the enemy, death, and sin.

Today at the church of Saint Christopher‘s in East Hartford, CT, USA, Father Vincent Curran today in his Easter Sunday homily today speaks about Peter whom only a few days earlier denied he knew Jesus not once, or even twice, but three times, the apostle Peter‘s three strikes.

But today, as the Gospel of John Chapter 20:1-9 reads, it was both the apostles Peter and John who go to the tomb of which Jesus’s body was laid in. After seeing that there was no body, Peter had both doubt and belief that Jesus rose from the dead. While Mary of Magdala was in “shock” and thinking that someone had taken Jesus’s body and the apostle John without any difficulties believed, Peter struggled to find faith in the resurrection of Jesus.

The teaching lesson in all of this is that, there are days when we are like Mary, other days like John, and still others like Peter when it comes to what I call the greatest “miracle” in the history of the world, the rising of Jesus from the dead. Days in which one has the full faith in the truth about the resurrection just like John, other days being besides one’s self such like Mary, and then there will be times of great doubt just like Peter.

On this “Resurrection Sunday”, may the singing and rejoicing of not only the angels and saints in heaven united with that of all creation be a blessing upon all my blog readers.


I told Father Curran I was thinking about this special Easter song I play each Easter, Don Francisco’s “He’s Alive” or Peter’s account of the resurrection of Jesus.

With MANY THANKS To Don Francisco, NedNickerson2010, And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

"Jesus Is Risen!"

Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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