Salem’s Grief: A Community In Shock Comes Together In Mourning


— The people of this small, close-knit community looked up at the sky in awe of a perfect double rainbow before a memorial service was held.

“It’s a gift from God,” a woman said on Thursday evening, as hundreds began gathering on the Salemgreen for a candlelight vigil in honor of young Jeffrey Bourgeois, whose life ended in a most inconceivable way.

The people of Salem, a town of about 3,850 residents in the western corner of New London County, have been stricken by shock and heartache since 6-year-old Jeffrey died Tuesday when his body was pulled into a wood chipper.”

With MANY THANKS To Both Samaia Hernandez And the Hartford Courant. Read More Here:“Salem’s Grief: A Community In Shock Comes Together In Mourning”

"Jeffrey Bourgeois"