Beating The Early Heat, At Home And In Boston

Beating The Early Heat, At Home And In Boston

Yesterday, April got a little bit of the summer heat of June. While I love the warm weather of spring, having weather close to 90 degrees is not my way of enjoying spring. Also the early spring heat put a bit of a burden on the runners in the Boston Marathon.

“BOSTON — The sun rose hot and high on Monday morning in Boston.

By early afternoon, the temperature already was nearing 90 degrees in Copley Square and it was clear then, as the heat shimmered off the pavement like an oily haze, that the story of the 116th running of the Boston Marathon was not the winners — Kenyans Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop — but the unseasonable spring sun that had runners staggering across the finish line in search of water and a place to sit down.

In the right-hand lane of the Boylston Street cool-down alley, about 100 yards from the finish, all the talk was of the heat.

“That was brutal,” one mid-afternoon finisher said as he uncapped a water bottle and poured its contents down his chest. “I’m not sure I’d do that again.”
“If it wasn’t Boston,” said another, “I wouldn’t have even bothered finishing.”
Even yesterday I was a bit under the weather myself. Plus was a bit on the tired side, which was not a help. Lesson is that one is to pace oneself.
With MANY THANKS To Both Tom Lakin And ESPNBoston. Read More Here:“Marathoners Manage To Beat Heat”
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“Hundreds of runners in Monday’s Boston Marathon had to be taken to area hospitals after being overwhelmed by heat, according to emergency responders.”

With MANY THANKS To Both WCVBtv And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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