Romney Tells Obama To Back Off On Bin Laden Issue

Romney Tells Obama To Back Off On Bin Laden Issue

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is calling on President Barack Obama to not let the killing of Osama bin Laden become a “politically divisive event.”

Romney says Obama can rightfully take credit for bin Laden’s downfall. But he says it was “very disappointing for the president to try to make this a political item” by suggesting he wouldn’t have ordered the raid, saying, “Of course I would have.”

Romney tells “CBS This Morning” Tuesday that he and Obama have plenty of issues to fight over without parting company on anti-terrorism strategy.

Without mentioning Romney’s name, Obama suggested the former Massachusetts governor had waffled on whether he would have taken out bin Laden.

Romney says, “I think trying to attack me on that basis is inappropriate and the wrong course.”

Time President Obama to stop “spiking the football”.

President Barack Hussein Obama, is it NOT TIME to focus more on YOUR RECORD and not what happened one year ago. Besides, the ONES who should really take credit are our United States of America Navy Seals.

With MANY THANKS To AP. Read More Here:“Romney Tells Obama To Back Off On Bin Laden Issue”

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