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Another legend who had passed on, and lived up to the famous saying, “do what you love and you will not have to work a day in your life” is hair stylist and fashion legend Vidal Sasson.

“Sassoon died at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by loved ones and his wife of 20 years, Ronnie, his family said in a statement. “He will be greatly missed,” they said.

The British stylist’s scissors spelt the end of the 1950s-era beehive and the bouffant – untouchable hairstyles that owed their existence to lacquer and hair pins – and brought him international fame and fortune.

Sassoon was dubbed a pioneer for coming up with so-called wash and wear looks – liberating many women from weekly salon trips to have their hair done.

But as much as he was a genius in the salon, Sassoon was a whizz in business. He began marketing his name, styles and cutting techniques in a worldwide line of beauty salons, hair-cutting schools and later, related lines of hair products.”

Mr. Sassoon made hair styling an art. Plus he introduced much simpler hair styles since the 1960’s. Also brought an art style to his fashion designs. RIP Vidal Sassoon.

With MANY THANKS To The Telegraph. Read More Here:“Vidal Sassoon Died After Long Battle With Leukemia”


Vidal Sassoon (left) on June 6 in Barcelona to...
Vidal Sassoon (left) on June 6 in Barcelona together with Figaro Claus Niedermaier at the Global Salon Business Awards ceremony. Photo posted here with permission of Claus Niedermaier (see German entry on Sassoon). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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