200 Pink Slips Handed Out At Pratt And Whitney

200 Pink Slips Handed Out At Pratt And Whitney

The layoffs continue in this struggling economy.


Pratt & Whitney officials said the company was eliminating 300 positions nationwide, and 200 of them are coming from Connecticut.

The announcement was made Thursday morning.

Company officials said they continually assess staffing levels to ensure they are on track with the current business and economic condition.

They said when it’s necessary, staffing adjustments are required to keep cost structures competitive.

As a result, company officials said Pratt & Whitney was reducing its salaried workforce by approximately 300 positions company-wide, effective immediately.

After the announcement was made on Thursday, Gov. Dannel Malloy released a statement and said, “When these announcements are viewed in the context of our overall economy, it’s still clear we are moving in the right direction. The unemployment rate is down 20% from last January, and it’s a full half-point below the national average.”

Pratt & Whitney officials said the decision to lay off employees is necessary to carefully manage the cost structure while continuing to invest in the company’s future.”

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logo Pratt & Whitney
logo Pratt & Whitney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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