A Message Was Sent Yesterday In Wisconsin And To The United States: UPDATE

What took place yesterday in the state of Wisconsin, with efforts by Wisconsin state union employees to recall Governor Scott Walker (R/WI), and in which the people of that state said by their voting “enough” and in support of Governor Walker deny the Democrats and the unions Governor Walker’s recall defeat.

What took place in WI was not only a message sent to that state alone, but also in reality, to the United States of America in itself, that Americans have had enough with government on both the state and national levels that is simply is getting too out-of-control.

Also another message was sent in that, public government unions have also gotten too out-of-control and have become also way too high and mighty. While there are those state employees who do work hard for their day’s pay, the leadership has gotten to involved with Democratic and liberal politics.

A needed message was sent to the government union leadership that as those people who have had, and sadly have been struggling with unemployment from private businesses, or who are fighting to still keep their employment in the private business sector, the last thing that government unions ought to be doing is increasing the budget debt of state governments.

But also another message was sent to the Republicans and the Republican Party, and in a special way to the governors who are of this party that like Governor Walker, it is time to develop a SPINE and to stand up to both the Democrats and to the government unions who want to increase the costs of government. That will be VERY IMPORTANT in a very important United States Presidential election year.


“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived a recall election, aimed at putting him out of work. Dean Reynolds speaks with the governor and gets his perspective on what his victory means on the national level.”

 With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Map of USA with Wisconsin highlighted

Map of USA with Wisconsin highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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