Is History Starting To Repeat Itself?

Is History Starting To Repeat Itself?

Sadly the answer has to be “yes”.

Just as former United States of America President Jimmy Carter lost Iran in 1979 Islamic radicalism, Egypt could also be going that very same road with these most recent elections.

”¬†On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh reminds listeners he predicted in early 2011 that the vaunted “Arab Spring” supported by Barack Obama would turn into the fall of Egypt to Islamic Radicals just as Jimmy Carter lost Iran to the radicals in 1979. With the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, that has now come to pass, despite what everything the liberals were saying in early 2011.”

Thank-you President Barack Hussein Obama for NOT LEARNING the lessons from Jimmy Carter.

With MANY THANKS To Both FreedomLighthouse And YouTube. Watch Video Here:


English: James Earl "Jimmy" Carter
English: James Earl “Jimmy” Carter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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