Genius (Nora Ephron)

Genius (Nora Ephron)

Last night, in New York City,New York, United States of America, Nora Ephron, who became famous for not only an essayist but also as a humorist in the areas of both screen writting and filmaking, died at the age of 71 from pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukemia.

Most famous for movies such as Sleepless In Seattle as well as When Harry Met Sally, Ms.Ephron would put both heart and soul into the movie story lines. She added not only wit to the humor, but also a teaching moment in regards to the value of relationships.

From the New York Times article:

“In a commencement address she delivered in 1996 at Wellesley College, her alma mater, Ms. Ephron recalled that women of her generation weren’t expected to do much of anything. But she wound up having several careers, all of them successfully and many of them simultaneously.

She was a journalist, a blogger, an essayist, a novelist, a playwright, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and a movie director — a rarity in a film industry whose directorial ranks were and continue to be dominated by men. Her later box-office success included “You’ve Got Mail” and “Julie & Julia.” By the end of her life, though remaining remarkably youthful looking, she had even become something of a philosopher about age and its indignities.

“Why do people write books that say it’s better to be older than to be younger?” she wrote in “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” her 2006 best-selling collection of essays. “It’s not better. Even if you have all your marbles, you’re constantly reaching for the name of the person you met the day before yesterday.”

In those brief paragraphs, Ms. Ephron summed up in a nutshell why she did what did. She is a reflection of a generation that was or is a “bridge” between the women who are our mothers and the women who are either our daugthers or neices. Ms. Ephron had shown that you can do more beyond what you had been trained for in the first place.

THANK-YOU Ms. Ephron for your God-given brilliant thinking put to both writing and into movie film. You will be missed. RIP.

With MANY THANKS To Both Charles McGrath And The New York Times. Read More Here:“Nora Ephron 1941-2012 Writer And Filmmaker With A Genius For Humor”

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English: Nicholas Pileggi and Nora Ephron at t...
English: Nicholas Pileggi and Nora Ephron at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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