Iran Will Pay A “Heavy Price”

Iran Will Pay A “Heavy Price”

English: Coat of arms of the Islamic Republic ...
English: Coat of arms of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Stylized version of Arabic script of Allah (الله, with the central lam shaped to look like a sword.) Deutsch: Wappen der Islamischen Republik Iran Македонски: Грб на Исламската Република Иран (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israel yesterday fuelled fears of a further escalation in the already high tensions with Iran by promising to “exact a heavy price” from the perpetrators of the suicide bombing which killed seven people in Bulgaria, which it blamed unequivocally on Hezbollah.

As Bulgarian officials said the suspected bomber in the attack on Wednesday that killed five Israeli holidaymakers was a lanky, long-haired man in a baseball cap and T-shirt, carrying a fake American driving licence, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said it had been carried out by “Hezbollah, the long arm of Iran.”

There was some doubt about Bulgarian media reports that named the suicide attacker as Mehdi Ghazali, a former detainee at the US-run detainment camp at Guantanamo Bay. Mr Ghazali, who is of Algerian=Finnish origin, is said to have studied at a British mosque, and to have travelled to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Look for Israel to do a truly effective “strike back.”

With MANY THANKS To Both Donald Macintyre And The Independent. Read More Here:“Israel Threatens A “heavy price”Ffor Iran After Deadly Bus Bomb”

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