Been Given A Second Chance

Been Given A Second Chance

First of all, congrats to Linda McMahon on winning yesterday’s primary election. Best wishes to her in her run again for the political office position of United States of America Senate.

“Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon on Tuesday was given a second chance to try to win an open U.S. Senate seat, easily besting veteran former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays in a Republican primary.

As in 2010, McMahon will face a well-known figure in Democratic politics, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy

With MANY THANKS To Susan Hagh And NBCConnecticut. Read More Here:“McMahon, Murphy Win Senate Primaries”

A brief word of advice, Ms. McMahon, please, please stick to the pressing issues, and if need be, do what Mitt Romney has done yesterday, STAND UP to the mudslinging with firmness. I am concerned that Rep. Chris Murphy, United States of America House of Representatives, (D/CT) could very well resort to that. Do not lower yourself to his level. Stick to the issues and take a firm stand against the mudslinging.


Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wresting En...
Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wresting Entertainment and Republican candidate for Senate in Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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