Is Vice President Biden “Losing It?”

Is Vice President Biden “Losing It?”


Vice President Joe Biden did it again. He goofs up while he gives a campaign speech. He makes reference to the 20th century. Oh Vice President Biden would it SURPRISE YOU THAT WE LIVE IN WHAT IS CALLED THE 21st CENTURY?

Could it be that the pressure and stress is now getting to Vice President Biden and that he could very well be “losing it?” Or is it more and more revealing who Vice President Biden really is?

I sense more and more that the latter is the most likely case.

With MANY THANKS To Both Charlie Daniels And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

As for Sarah Palin wanting to see President Barack Hussein Obama replacing Vice President Biden with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, PLEASE, let this team be, this is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for the American people to see the differences between the Romney/Ryan team vs. the Obama/Biden team in the next three months ahead.


Official presidential transitional portrait of...
Official presidential transitional portrait of then-Vice President Elect Joe Biden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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