Hillary Did The Right Thing And Said NO

Give Secretary of State, of the United States of America Hillary Clinton CREDIT for saying NO to the Vice President slot of United States of America President Barack Hussein Obama ticket, instead Vice President Joe Biden stays where he is.

Considering that the President Obama White House is now becoming a sinking ship, just like the ill-fated Titanic, SOS Clinton who is looking more and more at a possible 2016 run for the White House, WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCH A SINKING SHIP.  Seeing that this ship is even sinking even more with the addition to GOP/Republican candidate for the United States White House by Mitt Romney of United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R/WI) to the ticket as his Vice Presidential choice, and the interest and support for both Mr. Romney and Rep. Ryan has increase since last Saturday, it is not surprising that SOS Hillary just said NO to the VP slot.

I say GOOD JOB Hillary, you KNOW that President Obama’s effort to try to add you to that position was simply and that it would be an act of a very desperate President and man. Let this sinking ship sink, and take your life back. Besides it is well-known that there is “no love lost” between the Clintons and the Obama’s. So in other words, THANK-YOU SOS for say “NO”.


Hillary Clinton speaking at the North Carolina...

Hillary Clinton speaking at the North Carolina 2008 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (Photo credit: rharrison)

One comment

  1. Randy · August 17, 2012

    It’s best to leave a sinking, losing ship!

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