When The Culture War Goes From “Cold” To “Hot”

When The Culture War Goes From “Cold” To “Hot”

culture war
culture war (Photo credit: drain)

This week’s shooting at the Family Reasearch Council in Washington D.C. this week, and with both shootings at both the Sikh temple in WI and the movie theater in CO over the course of the past month, America has been witnessing a culture war that, while it has been waged for many, many years, being “cold,” has now for the most part, has gone “hot.”

While those who did the shooting are responsible for these horrible crimes, these shootings have become also a reflection of the dark, dire, and difficult times the United States of America is now in.

The most recent shooting incident in Washington D.C. I am not surprised that it happened, because also with the attacks on my faith community in a special way this year and on freedom of religion in a special way, and with the ideas of beliefs and morals in general, attacks at organizations such as FRC was waiting to happen.

When we have perps who either are acting out of radical political views, pure hatred, or even just simply because of being demonic posession, it not only brings in more darkness, but also brings more destruction to the culture of the USA. And with its destruction, comes much more fracturing of a nation and its citizens.

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