Gulf Coast Braces For Hurricane Isaac’s Wrath

Gulf Coast Braces For Hurricane Isaac’s Wrath

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Gulf Coast braced for the landfall of Hurricane Isaac late Tuesday, hunkering down behind boarded-up windows with stockpiles of food and water as wind-driven rain lashed bayous and beaches. New Orleans calmly waited out another storm on the eve of Hurricane Katrina’s seventh anniversary, hoping the city’s strengthened levees will hold.

Isaac, a massive storm spanning nearly 200 miles from its center, zeroed in on New Orleans, turning streets famous for hosting celebrations at all hours into ghost boulevards. Evacuations were ordered in Mississippi‘s coastal counties and the closure of its 12 shore front casinos. But there was little fear or panic. With New Orleans’ airport closed, tourists retreated to hotels and most denizens of a coastline that has witnessed countless hurricanes decided to ride out the storm.”

Prayers for all affected, human and animals.

With MANY THANKS To Both Michael Kunzelman, Stacey Plaisance, And AP. Read More Here:“GULF COAST BRACES FOR HURRICANE ISAAC’S WRATH”

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