“God Gave Me You” I Love You David, FOREVER, RIP

“God Gave Me You” I Love You David, FOREVER, RIP


The above words come from American country and western singer, Blake Shelton, who is also one of the judges of NBC Tv network show, The Voice“. This sound I first heard last night when I was listening to online on via iTunes WDSY FM in Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America local country and western station last night, hours after being told of the sad and sudden passing from a heart attack, the prior day before, Monday, September 10, 2012, the day before  he was most likely was going to go home from Hartford Hospital after having been a patient for close to a week from dealing with blood clots that was threatening to go to his lungs; my very dear and beloved boyfriend David Anthony Muszynski. He was forty-six-years-young at the time. The title of the song is:

God Gave Me You“.

The song touched me so much that it brought tears to my eyes. It speaks of with gratitude of special relationships. In a very special way, it had spoken of the loving relationship I had with David for twenty-one years. He was the man who was with me and I with him through all the good and bad times. Even when I was sick and a patient over at Manchester Memorial Hospital, with the life-threatening illness of face celluitis of the lower left jaw and having three lower left wisdom teeth removed this summer which has just has passed.

That experience brought both David and I even much more closer together. Before he took sick in a sudden way, we had both talked about our future as a couple and of looking to live in a possible way in NC, United States of America. I told him that besides with prayer and reflection, plus with e-mailing and talking about it, we will come to a decision and also I had told him that I will go with you whatever the decision. Now I am dealing with being alone, without him, sick with yellow jaundice, having possible problems with my liver area, and scared for my own life and health again, as well as grieving for losing David to death.

This is the time I must begin to have confidence in God and in that, He has taken David home and David is waiting for me when one day my time will come.

THANK-YOU Blake Shelton for this wonderful and special musical gift, which I NEEDED SO VERY MUCH at this time.

David, I know you will always be with me FOREVER in my heart. When I see beautiful red roses I will always remember you, as well as the rainbows after the rain as a special reminders your are forever with me David. I LOVE YOU DAVID FOREVER. RIP.

With MANY THANKS To Both Blake Shelton And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Y108 FM Pittsburgh’s Country Station:

“Y108 Pittsburgh Country”

"David And I In Much Happy Times"
David And I In Much Happy Times.


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