Going It Alone (State Of The Union Speech)

Going It Alone (State Of The Union Speech)

Tonight’s United States of America President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama’s State of the Union Speech has all the makings of it coming from a President who is making every effort to go it alone as President.

One of those efforts to bypass a divided United States House and Senate is to issue an executive order that will require those federal employees that are at present contracted or will be contracted to be paid per hour minimum wage at $10.10 per hour. This wage increase will go around the House were there is Republican opposition to any minimum wage increase.

That and a number of other executive orders that President Obama will present in the SOTU speech tonight marks a turning point in the President Obama White House, which is becoming more and more an “imperial White House” in other words.

This comes as no surprise because more and more Americans have by rights been expressing much more dissatisfaction with President Obama. Even the polls that have been done as of recent are reflecting this with Americans saying that the United States of America is “divided”, “troubled”, and even the word “deteriorating” in their answers.

IMHO, I see President Obama more and more on a BIGTIME POWER TRIP which in the end, will do NO GOOD for the United States or the citizens. It is a White House that is making the founding fathers do break dancing in their graves.

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Was President Barack Hussein Obama Speaking And Acting Desperate?

Was President Barack Hussein Obama Speaking And Acting Desperate?

Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Last night’s debate between President Barack Hussein Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, (D/IL/USA and R/MA) showed two different styles of leadership. One that presented a very clear, direct, no-nonsense, and clear form of leadership. The other one, showing more of a desperate effort in both words and actions to hide from his record of four years of failure.

The debate was more of a boxing match then a Presidential debate. President Obama, through efforts to deny and lie, and with the help of Candy Crowley who also went out of her way to give President Obama more time, 44:04 minutes than Governor Romney, and in a way DID NOT DO THE JOB she was supposed to do, moderate in a fair and balanced manner last night’s debate. This was WRONG and helped to EXPOSED the majority of the “old msm” for what they are the cheerleading section for President Obama.

Governor Romney, despite what was thrown in his way, WON the debate by his presenting in much detail what his positions are on the important issues. Also Governor Romney showed himself to be a take charge, fully articulate, very much capable, and compassionate leader who not only loves the United States of America but also list a number of good ideas.

President Obama came off from the debate as not only “speaking” and “acting” desperate, but showed very much he was much more interested in trying to push Governor Romney into an argument in order for President Obama would try to make Governor Romney look bad. Governor Romney would have none of that. Instead he stayed focussed on the issues, even not falling for the famous President Obama’s “war on women” accusation.

By staying focussed on the issues and not being drawn into going into personal attacks, Governor Romney not only won last night’s debate but also won more people to support him. On the other hand, those who supported President Obama and I would not be all that surprised, must have gone into “panic mode” figuring it out that their guy has blown for them, “a golden opportunity”  to close the deal for them.

Could last night’s debate most likely have sealed the deal for Governor Romney?

According to an article by Dick Morris, it makes it more clear by his list that Governor Romney listed issues that are the most important:

“1. Romney made very clear the case against Obama’s economic record and Obama’s rebuttal about 5 million jobs was pathetic.

2. Romney injected the China issue, big time, and tapped into a strong public sentiment on the issue.

3. Romney made the effective case that Obama is anti-oil, coal, and gas and that this has doubled gas prices.

4. Romney was very effective in differentiating himself from Bush-43 and in establishing that, unlike the GOP of the past, he was for small businesses not big businesses

5. Romney rebutted the attacks on him over Chinese investments.

6. Romney explained his tax plan well and to everyone’s satisfaction.

7. Obama erred in trying to make us believe that he always felt Libya was a terror attack. We all heard him blame the movie.”

Mr. Morris shows that by Governor Romney in answering the questions presented to him by the town hall like meeting set-up, he showed what issues he is willing to go to work on that viewers and listeners had the chance to get a sample of where he stands on the issues.

President Obama in turn brought up in detail issues such as the question of the 47% percent, illegal immigration, and a very heated response to Governor Romney’s accusation of President Obama going to Las Vegas to campaign while an American ambassador and three others were murdered in Libya.

President Obama was trying to defend a failed record in an effort to get reelected.

In the end it was Governor Romney who was to win the debate last night. This can only help the growing momentum that is going his way on the road to the November 6, 2012 general elections.

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Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Apple Shares Soar After 1st Quarter Earnings Report

Apple Shares Soar After 1st Quarter Earnings Report

The German chancellor warned her country does not have an infinite ability to help bail out its European neighbors, Apple’s stock is jumping into record territory, and Facebook is gearing up to force its users to switch to the timeline feature. Ashley Morrison reports.”

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Texas Prudential Building Implosion Caught On Tape

Texas Prudential Building Implosion Caught On Tape

“CBS News Raw: Caught on tape video shows the 20 story Prudential Building in Houston, Texas, imploding. It only took 17 seconds for demolition crews to bring down the building.”

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“It took only a few seconds to create a new hole in Houston’s skyline. Demolition crews used high explosives to implode the 20-story former Prudential Building, a local landmark since 1952. (Jan. 8)”

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D.C. Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Declaring Key Reform Law Provision Valid

D.C. Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Declaring Key Reform Law Provision Valid

“Just days before the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide whether to grant review of issues surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), an influential federal appeals court Nov. 8 declared constitutional a key provision of the federal health reform law (Seven-Sky v. Holder, D.C. Cir., No. 11-5047, 11/8/11).

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit affirmed a ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia holding that Congress had authority, under the U.S. Constitution’s commerce clause, to enact the individual mandate—a provision that would require virtually all citizens to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty.

In an opinion by Judge Laurence H. Silberman, the court said neither the text of the Constitution nor Supreme Court precedent supported the challengers’ position that Congress acted outside the bounds of its constitutional power. It became the second federal appeals court to hold the mandate constitutional.”

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Telling It Just Like It Is (Rep. Paul Ryan)

Telling It Just Like It Is (Rep. Paul Ryan)

Give United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan, (R/W), for speaking out and telling things just like it is in regards to President Barack Hussein Obama and the economy.

Rep. Paul gave one of his best speeches in his time in public office. This one about President Obama dividing the United States of America is one no-holes-barred speech. It does remind me of the great speeches by the late great President Ronald Reagan.

“Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is mighty disappointed with President Obama. The chairman of the House Budget Committee, who has bested Obama in head-to-head policy showdowns, blames the president for failing to outline a solution to the debt crisis while dividing America with talk of class warfare.

Ryan’s speech at Heritage yesterday made news for its strong critique of Obama. He sat down for an interview afterward to outline why he’s so disheartened by Obama. Ryan also redefined how Americans should look at class warfare, taking aim at crony capitalism and the politically connected who drive American further into debt.

Despite the monumental challenges facing America, Ryan said he remains an optimist. He’s hopeful the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction will include some of the House-passed budget reforms in its final report.

The interview runs 5 minutes. Hosted by Rob Bluey and produced by Kyle Tuckness with the help of Hannah Sternberg. For more videos from Heritage, subscribe to our YouTube channel.”

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Growing Angry Backlash Against Occupy Wall Street Movement: UPDATE: UPDATE Part 2

Growing Angry Backlash Against Occupy Wall Street Movement: UPDATE: UPDATE Part 2

Could it be at last that Americans have it with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and now are saying in their own way, “enough is enough?”

With reports from a number of locations where Occupy Wall Street in a number of American cities, according to a number of news reports in the last few days:

From CBS Boston:”BOSTON (CBS) – A man and woman were arrested in Dewey Square for allegedly selling heroin to an undercover police officer.Thirty-four-year-old Isaac Bell and 31-year-old Charlene Dumont both face drug charges. The two were living in a tent with Occupy Boston protesters on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.Boston Police officers had been aware of drug activity in the park, and went in to investigate.”

From CBS Washington:”NORFOLK, Va. (CBS Washington) — “Occupy Norfolk” is struggling to find an identity as some protesters laugh about what the goal of the movement is.

While the movement has taken the steps to set up a campsite and base of operations in Commercial Plaza– symbolically close in proximity to Bank of America and BB&T locations — they reportedly haven’t worked out the specifics of what they want to do.”

From KRLD1080/CBS DFW:”DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Dallas Police continue to investigate whether a teenage runaway was sexually assaulted by an adult male at the Occupy Dallas encampment behind City Hall.”

From what I have been reading in the comments, they read more coming from people who are simply are getting fed-up with all this Occupy Wall Street protests. These folks have what I call “a life,”  working, or looking for work, attending college, running small businesses, added with these responsibilities, bringing up children, helping out with aging parents, or dealing with personal health issues. They are TOO BUSY to be camping out and protesting.

These are the same folks who after over a month of these protests, their patience is NOW starting to run out in regards to the OWS protesters. Look for what I call the new “silent majority” that the leadership in these and the other cities where the protests are going on to press for a calling for an end to what I now call this new form of protests by camping out, “the new Hooverville or now Obamaville” protests camps.

While I am no fan of winter and of the snow, I look forward to when the first snowflakes begin to fall and will see these protests campers begin to melt away.

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This above video is for those Occupy Wall Street drummers who drum both day and night, driving people CRAZY in the areas affected.


From what I have seen, it looks like even in what would be considered “liberal” cities, the “OWS” protest crowd has worn out its welcome. In Oakland, CA, USA, police used tear gas in what was called a “cat and mouse game”.

From KTVU.com:”OAKLAND, Calif. — Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators’ repeated agitations.”

With MANY THANKS To Both KTVU.com. Read More Here:\”Police Tear Gas Occupy Protesters Multiple Times\”

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With MANY THANKS To CBS Boston. Read More Here:\”Pair Living With Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Selling Heroin\”

UPDATE Part 2:

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“Police in Oakland, California, have been trying hard to scare off Occupy Wall Street protesters that kept coming back to the city hall. The activists wanted to re-establish a tent camp torn down earlier. 97 people “have been arrested.”

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Just As I Had Said About Occupy Wall Street In New York City, It Is Getting UGLY: UPDATE

Just As I Had Said About Occupy Wall Street In New York City, It Is Getting UGLY: UPDATE

The title of this blog post says it all.

As predicted, the protests going down on Wall Street, New York City, USA of Occupy Wall Street is starting to get really, really ugly. It began over the issue of cleaning up the Zuccotti Park during the past few days. This park, which is a “private park” to begin with and because of it not being cleaned up in a number of weeks, unsanitary conditions were building up. With that, a good number of complaints from people who come into contact with that area. Since the protests began about one month ago and since it has not be cleaned up and maintained, because the protesters have been camping out there as well as protesting and up until today there has not been any efforts to keep Zuccotti Park clean, maintained, and orderly by the OWS protesters.

When the owners of the Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Properties, sent out a few days ago notice that the park needs a major cleaning up, the OWS protesters thought it was going to become an excuse to kick the protesters out. So protesters decided to do the job themselves in order to pre-empt any possible effort to have the protesters kicked out.

This morning, the OWS and the NYPD came to blows in a violent confrontation.

This should come as NO SURPRISE because the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are in NO WAY like the “Tea Party Movement.” Unlike the Tea Party movement which is willing to work in the system via supporting and campaigning for conservative GOP/Republicans for public office, translation, via the ballot box. This “Occupy Wall Street” protests resorts what it KNOWS BEST, VIOLENCE.

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By deciding to not help to clean up Zuccotti Park and deciding to go violent, “Occupy Wall Street” protesters has simply become anarchists. Also by supporting the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, the Democrats, starting with President Barack Hussein Obama as well as those in the United States of America House of Representatives and the Senate has sealed their election fate come next November, November 2012 at the ballot box.

"Occupy Wall Street Protests In New York City Turning UGLY"
As I had predicted this was going to happen, it was going to get ugly.


The decision to do the park cleanup has been postponed.

With MANY THANKS To Frank Rosario,Danny Gold, And New York Post. Read More Here:\”Protesters March On Wall St. After Park Cleanup Postponed, Get Into Scuffle With Cops\”