Beloved At One Hundred

Beloved At One Hundred

Today the Major League Team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox home stadium, Fenway Park turns 100 years old. Fenway Park, considered not only by Red Soxs Nation to be its most beloved home, but in the MLB, it is also as well.

Today I took a few minutes to sing “Happy Birthday” to honor Fenway Park. Even though during the pre game ceremony there was a special toast using grape juice, I toasted using ginger ale.

While it does not have the added features that many of the newer MLB stadiums in other parts of the country. But what it does have is what baseball ought to be, a special relationship between the team and with the fans. While there has been a number of face-lifts of Fenway over the years, that character remains.

Also instead of very special features, what is even better is that there is a name that goes with the fans that support the Red Sox, called “Red Sox Nation”. A community of supportive fans is the BEST feature that the Red Sox could have.

While no doubt I am and will always be a University of Connecticut sports fan, and in a special way, in regards to both the women’s and men’s basketball teams and as well as the football team as well, first and foremost, I will be a Boston Red Sox fan, a member of the Red Soxs Nation, and a fan of Fenway Park.

Remembering not only the Major League Baseball World Series Championships of both 2004 and 2007, and also becoming a fan of the Red Sox since that special trip up to Fenway Park in 1975 at the age of 16, sealing the deal in making me a fan.

Today, Fenway Park, Happy 100th Birthday and many more years.

Boston ball grounds - 1912 (1st part of panora...
Boston ball grounds - 1912 (1st part of panorama), 9/28/12 (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)