Going It Alone (State Of The Union Speech)

Going It Alone (State Of The Union Speech)

Tonight’s United States of America President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama’s State of the Union Speech has all the makings of it coming from a President who is making every effort to go it alone as President.

One of those efforts to bypass a divided United States House and Senate is to issue an executive order that will require those federal employees that are at present contracted or will be contracted to be paid per hour minimum wage at $10.10 per hour. This wage increase will go around the House were there is Republican opposition to any minimum wage increase.

That and a number of other executive orders that President Obama will present in the SOTU speech tonight marks a turning point in the President Obama White House, which is becoming more and more an “imperial White House” in other words.

This comes as no surprise because more and more Americans have by rights been expressing much more dissatisfaction with President Obama. Even the polls that have been done as of recent are reflecting this with Americans saying that the United States of America is “divided”, “troubled”, and even the word “deteriorating” in their answers.

IMHO, I see President Obama more and more on a BIGTIME POWER TRIP which in the end, will do NO GOOD for the United States or the citizens. It is a White House that is making the founding fathers do break dancing in their graves.

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Are The Democrats Starting To “Lose It?”

Are The Democrats Starting To “Lose It?”


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

It seems that this week is the week that the Democrats began to have raw nerves over the course of the events of the last week or so. Not surprised, because the Democrats KNOW that the Republicans are catching fire with many Americans who are focused on resolving the very difficult problems that are troubling the United States of America with the Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan team, which this week alone has been attracting huge crowds.

While both Mr. Romney and Rep. Ryan bring to these gatherings not only new ideas but a very positive and an important message, the Democrats, starting with the President Barack Hussein Obama White House, has been starting to show their “true selves”  in responding the recent events coming from the Romney/Ryan team.

And the true selves of the Democrats are beginning to show in how the Romney/Ryan team, the GOP/Republicans, and the conservative base have been subjected to the mudslinging attacks and abuse. And not only that, witnessing a Vice President who spoke words boarding on the “racist” this week and misspeaking most of the time. All the misspeak and misleading words coming from Vice President Joe Biden is the gifts that keep on giving. Truly the nerves of the Democrats are starting to show.

What has been going on is simply a warm-up for what is going to be a very interesting upcoming political season. Look for desperation to set in not just over at the President Obama White House, but with the Democrats as there is a resurgence in the direction of the conservative side of the GOP.