Time To Tear Up The Old, Tired, Beat Up “Race Card”

Time To Tear Up The Old, Tired, Beat Up “Race Card”

Over the last few days, I have been keeping tabs on the tragic shooting death about one month ago of Trayvon Martin and of the recent protests that have erupted since then.

Protests which includes protesters wearing “hoodies” which are sweatshirts and sweatshirts jackets that have a hood as part of the sweatshirt. Many protesters have even taken to include wearing the hooded sweatshirt as part of their protests.

WELCOME to BOTH spring and to the protests season.

Also this very tragic and truly it is, this shooting incident is not just only for the family of Trayvon Martin family, but also for the family of George Zimmerman, and to extend it, to not just to Sanford,FL,USA, but also to the rest of the United States of America.

What is most tragic by what has been going on is that once again, the old, tired, beat-up race card” is being played up once again, in order to further divide the USA. Not too long after news of this shooting incident went national, folks such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan jumped into this case as a way to not only join in on the protests, but USE this very tragic incident not only for their own political agendas,but also further fuels more tension in an already tense situation.

Does the Tawana Brawley case ring a bell?

IMHO, what I see from all of this is QUESTIONS and WAY TOO MANY QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED in regards to the Trayvon Martin case.

Questions such as:

1.Why was Trayvon Martin in a gated community to begin with?

2.Was George Zimmerman a security guard or not?

3.Was there any witness or witnesses who had witnessed what really happened between both Mr.Martin and that of Mr. Zimmerman?

4.Was Mr. Zimmerman beaten?

5.Did Mr. Zimmerman went beyond doing what he was allowed to do as a neighborhood block watchman?

6.Was Mr. Trayvon already in trouble with the law?

7. Why this rush to judgement?

8.Why is the old news media not asking the really tough and important questions?

These above questions is just the tip of the iceberg into why it is very important not only that the NEEDED QUESTIONS be asked, but also IT IS TIME and I call out those who have been fueling the fires of division which this nation, the United States can ill afford to have when it is being pressed on all sides not just only with a very challenging economy, but also with REAL ISSUES such as OBAMACARE.

I call upon both activists and politicos to stop using this tragic incident for your own agendas and gain. ENOUGH.

If you must be concerned about crime and violence, be concerned about black-on-black crime, gang related crime, and crime on children and youths, including the shooting death of 6-year-old little girl in Chicago, IL, USA.

It is time to tear up the old, tired, beat-up “race card”.

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNEWSOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“New information about Trayvon Martin has been leaked and reveals that the unarmed teenager was suspended from school, and is accused of beating up the man who shot him. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports.”

“Some students in New Haven took part in a nationwide show of support Monday for an unarmed Florida teenager fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer, who still hasn’t been charged.”

With MANY THANKS To Both WTNH Tv And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)