When I first heard Saturday afternoon about the sad passing of WTIC AM‘s sports talk host Arnold Dean, at the age of 82 at his home I was both shocked and sadden by his death. For a local radio market, this man was truly a LEGEND for CT, New England, and New York sports news reporting and commentary.

A memory that I do have of Mr. Dean is watching him broadcast from the University of Connecticut football field, better known as Rentcheler Field or the “Rent” in East Hartford, CT, USA before games at the WTIC AM Dog House.

Or the time when I had called his show to offer my objections to the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL trading Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings and Mr. Dean saying in response to why it was a good idea.

What I will miss about Mr. Dean is how he was very knowledgable not only about his sports subjects, but was very smooth, just like the first cup of coffee in the morning. Plus he was truly also a gentleman and treat his guests and callers as very important.

Sadly with his passing, I and many WTIC AM sports radio show fans and friends of WTIC AM radio will never see the likes of Mr. Dean ever again.

Arnold Dean, THANK-YOU for gracing the greater Hartford, CT, area with your wonderful voice. RIP Arnold Dean

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With MANY THANKS To AP. Read More Here:“Eli Manning, Giants upend Pats Again To Cap Magical Run With 4th Super Bowl Title”


With MANY THANKS To Both ConservativeNewMedia And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“Eli Manning and the New York Giants defeat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI from Indianapolis, Indiana. With the victory, Eli Manning wins his second Super Bowl ring and once again defeats Brady in the Super Bowl.”