Response To A Reader On Oakland Rioting

Response To A Reader On Oakland Rioting

“People have been peacefully assembled, something that is protected by this little thing called THE BILL OF RIGHTS as well as the Constitution. The cops in no way have the right to attack civilians.”

The above comments is from a reader’s going by the name of  “J’s”  comment on my blog entry on the city of Oakland, CA, USA and I had to “censor” out one sentence because of the use of foul language. Since I want to keep this blog clean, I will not accept foul language and besides it shows a lack of critical thinking on the part of the reader.

For the full article in question, please refer to here:\”Rioting In Oakland, CA, USA, (Occupy Wall Street): Bloom Falling Off The Rose\”

From what I have gathered so far, it was the protesters themselves who were told to disperse, in other words, to leave by the police because the city had both arrested and evicted early Tuesday morning.

With MANY THANKS To Both SP And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“#OccupyOakland march is met with tear gas, bang grenades, rubber bullets & OPD riot cops while attempting to return to Oakland City Hall after being evicted/arrested earlier that morning.”

I have a question to ask J. Would it SUPRISE YOU to REALLY KNOW what was going on in Oakland before you commented to me like that the seeds were planted to make this harvest of violence a reality?

Here is an answer. Please read the article and take a good look at the pictures. Thank-you.

With MANY THANKS To Both PJ Media And Zombie. Read More Here:\”Is Occupy Oakland As Bad As They Say?\”

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