The Emperor Has No New Clothes (Neil Munro)

The Emperor Has No New Clothes (Neil Munro)

On Friday of last week, while at the White House‘s Rose Garden, a very interesting thing had happen to prove that even now, President Barack Hussein Obama did go over the line with this surprise decision to not deport young adults illegals who came over to the United States of America as infants or small children. It took the USA by complete surprise, considering on Friday afternoons is the traditional end of the week documents dumping time.

But the really BIG SURPRISE came when a gentleman from the online blog called The Daily Caller‘s” Neil Munro out of the blue comes out to question President Obama.

The really big question out of what had happen in all this is WHY WAS THERE A BIG DEAL IN ALL OF THIS BY THE OLD LIBERAL MSM?

I do believe I have an answer. It is because the new media is not only is starting to come not only of age but also the new media is coming into leadership when reporting what is really happening in the real world.

Also by what Mr. Murio did shows that even now not just the everyday Joe and Mary Q. American public is questioning why President Obama and his administration is overstepping their bounds, but also even a growing number of media people are starting to ask the very tough questions. Not only that, but Mr. Murio is simply is pointing out that this “emperor” in question has “no new clothes”. GOOD JOB Mr. Munro!

Also for those liberal news commentary folks, why are you whining that the President they have been supporting BIG TIME for three and half years has come under question for a very questionable decision in regards to illegal immigration in the USA?  This has NOTHING to do with color but simply an illegal effort to allow for young adult illegals to stay here, when first of all they are here in the United States which for all purposes is against the law to begin with. Even people who came from other countries and all doing it the right way was blindsided by this spur-of-the-moment illegal and simply out-of-bounds decision by President Obama. Plus it would be wrong to do any tar and feathering of Mr. Munro when he was simply was doing his job.

All I say is let Mr. Munro do his work and while I am at it, it is time to do all that NEEDS to be done to vote President Obama out of office come this coming November, 2012.

“Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama on Friday admonished a man wearing a press badge (Neil Munro from the Daily Caller) who interrupted his remarks on an immigration policy change with a hostile question, saying the decision to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants was “the right thing to do” and telling him “the next time I’d appreciate if you’d let me finish my statement before you ask your question.”

With MANY THANKS To Both jordanems And YouTube. Watch Videos Here:

“In a video interview, The Daily Caller’s White House correspondent Neil Munro answered questions about his exchange with President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden.”

Here is a group of  liberals doing what does not surprise me, WHINE. DO YOU WANT YOUR CHESSE WITH THAT WHINE? (SARC)

With MANY THANKS To And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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