Talk About Being Frustrated

Talk About Being Frustrated

President Barack Hussein Obama, complaining that he is frustrated, about the recent downgrading coming from Standard And Poor’s late last week and once again playing the old broken record, or rather in this present day, sounding more like a broken cd blaming Washington D.C. beltway politics. 

Well Mr. President, do you know what, those same Washington D.C. beltway politics also include you in the mix. From Real Clear Politics website:”Obama on credit downgrade from Standard & Poor’s: “It happened because Washington does not have the capacity to come together and get things done. It was a self-inflicted wound. That is why people are frustrated. Maybe you can hear it in my voice. That is why I am frustrated. Because you deserve better.”

Well the American people do deserve better, but not from a President who has NOT SHOWN ANY LEADERSHIP in any way, shape, or form, including this American.

With MANY THANKS To Real Clear Politics. Read More Here:\”Obama: \”Hear It In My Voice … I Am Frustrated\”

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